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Week nights/Saturday @ 7:00 and  Sunday @ 2:30

Ticket prices:

Adult - $12.00 Summer Musical - $15.00

Students/Children – $8.00 Summer Musical - $10.00

Seniors (60+) – $10.00 Summer Musical$12.oo


Charlotte’s Web

September 19-21 and 26-28, 2014

ACTA Theatre is happy to present the production of the beloved children’s classic “Charlotte’s Web,” based on the novel by E. B. White.  ”Charlotte’s Web”, directed by Angie McGowan,  takes us on a magical journey from the Arable farm to the barn cellar located at the farm of Homer and Edith Zuckerman, where a very special friendship is forged between a very talented spider and a little runty pig.  When Wilbur learns of the “conspiracy” that will eventually turn him into next winter’s bacon and ham, Charlotte devises a plan to save Wilbur’s life.  With the help of Fern Arable, the other barnyard animals, and one very self-absorbed rat, Charlotte promises Wilbur that she will find a way to preserve his life.  But will she succeed?  This very talented casts stars Courtney Thomas, Elisha Guffey, Payton Tice, Nicholas Wetzel, Taylor Thomas, Caroline Rowe, Jayce Grace Clark, Carleigh Allen, Dan Guffey, Dawn Allen, Mike Rowe, Erica Egan, Lynne Long, Sara Hively, Will Glass, Meghan Godsey, Skylar Klotz, Kathleen Caraway, Tiffany Small, Taylor Hively, Katie Ennis, Danyelle Small, Rachel Small, Elizabeth Small, and Sadie Elizabeth Anthony
Tickets go on sale Wednesday, September 3.  Call the theater at 655-3902 to make your reservation.


The Rented Christmas

Director – Chanel Wood

December 5-7 and 12-14, 2014

John Dale hasn’t enjoyed a ’real Christmas’ for years.  So, on the spur of the moment, he decides to ’rent’ a Christmas from Anne Weston, who owns the local rent shop.  Anne is at first flustered with the requirements:  a tree with presents, Christmas carols and also a wife and five children.  Anne feels she has solved the problem of a Christmas family by calling the actors’ guild.  But the young actors come down with the measles so she turns to the local orphanage.  When the guild can’t locate a ’mother,’ Anne steps in to play the role herself.  Based on the short story by J.  Lillian Vandervere, the story of how John Dale’s rented Christmas turns into a new life for all concerned makes this a warm story for the holiday season.


Death by Chocolate

Director – Clay Boyce

February 13-15 and 20-22, 2015


Sense and Sensibility

Director  - Emily Lunsford

April 10-12 and 17- 19, 2015


Acting Classes

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Upcoming Auditions

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Audition Dates for


Monday, September 29- Tuesday, September 30 2014


7:00 p.m. at the theater.
Auditions for this season’s Christmas Show, The Rented Christmas at ACTA will take place Monday and Tuesday September 29 and 30. Please bring a 30-60 second monologue. For more information about auditions and to sign up for an audition spot please visit or call 205-640-6854
John Dale, a middle-aged bachelor and prominent businessman, has a challenging job for Anne Weston, proprietor of the local rent shop.  He wants to rent a Christmas, not just with a tree and Christmas carols, but complete with a wife, a family and all of the happiness for which he has been secretly longing.  Anne believes she has creatively solved the problem of a Christmas family by calling the actors guild, but when the young actors come down with the measles, her last hope is to turn to the local orphanage.  Still, the guild can’t locate a mother for the part, so Anne steps in at the last minute to play the role herself.  A ’rented’ Christmas soon turns into a new life for all concerned, which makes this a very warm and special holiday treat.  Beautiful medleys of popular Christmas carols along with delightful original music are the perfect accompaniment to convey the sentiment of the season.