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Week nights/Saturday @ 7:00 and  Sunday @ 2:30

Ticket prices:

Adult - $12.00 Summer Musical - $15.00

Students/Children – $8.00 Summer Musical - $10.00

Seniors (60+) – $10.00 Summer Musical$12.oo


During  each performance of our December shows, ACTA will be having a silent auction on  items that have been

generously donated by businesses from our wonderful community. Proceeds from this auction will go toward updating

lighting /sound in our theater!


Two short plays!!

The Rented Christmas

Director – Chanel Wood

December 5-7 and 12-14, 2014

John Dale hasn’t enjoyed a ’real Christmas’ for years.  So, on the spur of the moment, he decides to ’rent’ a Christmas from Anne Weston, who owns the local rent shop.  Anne is at first flustered with the requirements:  a tree with presents, Christmas carols and also a wife and five children.  Anne feels she has solved the problem of a Christmas family by calling the actors’ guild.  But the young actors come down with the measles so she turns to the local orphanage.  When the guild can’t locate a ’mother,’ Anne steps in to play the role herself.  Based on the short story by J.  Lillian Vandervere, the story of how John Dale’s rented Christmas turns into a new life for all concerned makes this a warm story for the holiday season.

and after intermission….The Reform of Benjamin Scrimp

This is a modern day Christmas Carol. It takes place in a gym with several of the student government trying to set up the winter formal. The decorations arrive and the student government is short on payment so they look to Benjamin the class treasure to help pay. They find out they are short money and Benjamin who has tons of money won’t help! Tiny Tom a tall basketball player comes to the rescue to help in the basketball tournament that should raise enough money however he injures himself and they game cannot be played. This is when the ghost of Christmas past, present and future come to help Benjamin find the true meaning of love and Christmas!


Death by Chocolate

Director – Clay Boyce

February 13-15 and 20-22, 2015


Sense and Sensibility

Director  - Emily Lunsford

April 10-12 and 17- 19, 2015


Acting Classes

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Upcoming Auditions

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Directed by Clay Boyce

Monday, December 15 and Tuesday, December 16

7:00 at ACTA  Theater

Play description….

Members of the newly renovated Meadowbrook Health Resort are dropping like flies, including famed chef Edith Chiles! On the eve of the grand re-opening, this is not the best advertisement! It’s up to John Stone, the manager, to find the cause and the murderer. Delightfully sarcastic and cynical. Stone finds himself teaming up with Ed Parlor, mystery writer and amateur sleuth, in a wacky race against time. The clues point to a sinister box of chocolates, and the suspects include all the outlandish characters working for the resort. Could it be Lady Riverdale, owner of the resort, and a woman with dark secrets? Or Ralph Deadwood, gym instructor and all around cad? Dick Simmering, the aerobics instructor? Anne, the panic stricken nurse? Or could it be “Sweet Pea” Meadowbrook, overweight and grieving daughter of the recently deceased founder of the resort? Combining all the elements of classic murder mysteries with a scathing satire of today’s health crazes.