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Our Mission

As a community theater representing the arts, the mission of ACTA is to encourage and support the fine arts, and appreciation thereof, through plays, musicals, and special events. Our aim is to provide tasteful entertainment and offer on and off stage opportunities for any to become involved regardless of past experience or level of expertise. 

ACTA Trustees & Board Members

ACTA Board President
Dianne Bobo

Paige Turner Cain
Lynne Long
Suellen Wilkins
 Board Members

Joe Faughender
Richard Hutto
Kerry Burrell
Bill Bright
Curtis Frost

Dan O'Rourke
Scot Self

Sharon Olm
Paula Brown
Cedric Reid

Celebrate the History of the
Arts Council of the Trussville Area

Show your support for Trussville's charming community theatre, established in 1986, and ACTA's  36-year contribution to local theater and art.  The theatre is located in the historic Heritage Hall building, in the Cahaba Project in the heart of downtown Trussville.  

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