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In August 2019, Dr. Ben Cook, Choir Director from Hewitt Middle School and Choral Director at the Cahaba Heights United Methodist Church, presented his vision of a community chorus for Trussville to the ACTA Board of Directors. Recognizing Trussville's status as a community that supports the arts, Dr. Cook cited a need to expand the opportunities for our citizens to sing in an ensemble that is not affiliated directly with a school or church; to create an outlet for the community to sing and a group with which to belong.  The mission of the chorus would be to expand awareness of ACTA's events and draw new participants and patrons who might not otherwise participate. Furthermore, Dr. Cook posited that adding high-quality performing arts opportunities would benefit the community as a whole and strengthen the performing arts in and around the Trussville area. This proposal was met with enthusiasm by the ACTA board, and Dr. Cook was given a vote of confidence to pursue this endeavor, and to return as his plan took solid form.

And then there was COVID.

However, the vision was alive and well, and in 2022, The Trussville Community Chorus was formed.  The chorus began rehearsals in early 2022 at the First United Methodist Church in Trussville, where Dr. Cook now serves as Choir Director.  


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